5/19/2013 First day

10:00 am-Sunday, May 19 2013,

Birds singing, critters crawling, friendly and curious animals wondering around, avocado trees dropping avocados, just the usual in the rancho. Warm weather, slightly humid, sunny, green with some yellow(end of dry season). Very beautiful and very relaxed.

Season is a bit behind it’s the beginning of the wet season and it has been pretty dry. Very unusual for some of the locals, but the weather can always be unpredictable. I can be of reference living in Minnesota. Deciduous trees have not fully flushed out their leaves yet and some are suffering more due to the lack of water than others. Hopefully we get some precipitation in the weeks that we are staying here.

Very tranquillo day today, nothing in-store just relaxing, waiting for the other students to get in, and enjoying the Summer away from school. Gallo pinto for breakfast along with coffee and iced tea and figuring out what to do with the rest of my day.

-Kao Vang- University of Minnesota


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