Tropical Ecosystems Ecology Course- Day 1 in Santa Rosa




Today we went on probably the longest hike we’ll do in Costa Rica- not in time or distance, but in perceived time. Yep. It’s ridiculously humid here, and while the temperature’s great, the whole long pants and more direct sunlight is really hard to adjust to as a Minnesotan (or Wisconsinite, in my case!)

As a definite plus, that adorable creature up there is a white-faced monkey, of which we were lucky to see about a dozen. They really like eating these little blue grubs, which are found by cracking open guanacaste seed pods. We may have discovered this by utilizing time-tested methods, such as gently lobbing seed pods at the monkeys….. Either way, still a fun sight!

I just came off of a semester of ornithology, and while my exposure has been mostly to Minnesota birds, I’m glad to note that I can still at least remember the general characteristics of much of the birds around here. At the same time, it’s ridiculously frustrating to not know what a bird is until hours later, just to find out that it has an unexciting name like “Roadside Hawk”. Booooooo. That said, the birds here ARE way more exciting than Minnesota- lots of deep reds and complex songs can be heard all over. I’m just glad I’m not the only birder out here- we’ve all got our binocs and you can bet that we’re paying attention!

Tomorrow we head off to Rincon de la Vieja to visit some wet forest in the Conservation Area; as for now, we’re all just enjoying the chance to shower off and relax until we head out tomorrow!

A Roadside Hawk (Buteo magnirostris) perched i...

A Roadside Hawk (Buteo magnirostris) perched in a tree.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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