Field Research (Almost) Sick Day

Sunday marked our third consecutive day of field research. Everyone was excited to gather good data until sickness suddenly struck! Jennifer, Erik, and Natalie suffered from a stomach bug, Quinn had a cold, and Brandon had a twisted ankle. We all pushed through anyways with Jennifer leading the way.  Equipos Luz let Natalie rest while Brandon and Rob measured spatial patterns of light in a recent burn scar area. Thankfully Equipos Plantas was fully operational. They spent the day measuring leaf water potential and leaf toughness. Equipos Suelos was manned by Erik and Quinn in the morning while Isaac attended his first Costa Rican Catholic church service. Unfortunately research was cut short in the early afternoon when heavy thunder and storm clouds rolled in. This gave everyone a chance to come home, shower, read and rest before enjoying another delicious homemade dinner. Afterwards we discussed the ethics of authorship in scientific journals, which was both fascinating and inconclusive. The night ended with a big game of cards that became more hilarious with every passing round.

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