Lots of News

In early June many of our lab members participated in the second Research Open House co-hosted by investigadores de ACG and Horizontes, which was a huge success.  You can watch a video of the field trip here, and see Leland and Bonnie explaining their field experiments.

Group photo!

Group photo!

Our lab review on nutrient addition effects in tropical dry forest was recently accepted for publication and can be found here.

In addition, we are launching new collaborative work with other dry forest enthusiasts and modeling teams.  We are establishing large-scale experiments at Horizontes including a fertilization experiment and a throughfall exclusion X fertilization experiment.  We are working with a group of collaborators in Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, to extend these measurements to other tropical dry forest systems.  These empirical data will be used to parameterize and improve simulation model of forest dynamics and ecosystem processes.  We are looking for a postdoc to help with field data collection.  See the description here.  COSTA_RICA_POSTDOC AD_UMN

Jennifer visited our Colombian team’s field sites in May, and they are spectacular.  Camila Pizano and Beatriz Salgado of the Humboldt Institute were wonderful hosts and we are looking forward to collaborating.

Jennifer, Camila, Beatriz, and Roy

Jennifer, Camila, Beatriz, and Roy

Jennifer in Bogota

Jennifer in Bogota


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