Lianas reduce tropical forest carbon storage

The new collaborative paper with Stefan Schitzer and Geertje van der Heijden on the effects of lianas on forest carbon storage and cycling is out today.  Check it out here, or see this link for media coverage at the Australian or the New York Times or EOS.  We used a large-scale liana removal experiment in Panama to create forests with and lianas and forests without them.  Liana-free tropical forests devoted more NPP to stem growth. By contrast, forests with lianas devoted more NPP to canopy production.

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Fall News

Congratulations to Leland, who just finished planting 6 hectares of degraded vertisols with (hopefully) drought tolerant native species.  Also, congratulations to Bonnie, for new papers on individual plant effects on soil heterogeneity and spatial variability in soil N cycling and fungi.

Last, a big “muchas gracias” to all of our new (and old) collaborators who came to Lake Itasca in September for our inaugural workshop for the newly funded collaborative grant on tropical dry forest responses to changing climate and nutrient conditions.