We collaborate with a lot of folks… including:

Investigadores del Area de Conservcion Guanacaste, a non-profit organization Jennifer co-founded with Drs. Jeff Klemens and Sal Agosta to promote conservation and management of tropical dry forests.

Tropi-Dry, an international consortium of researchers led by Dr. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa working on neo-tropical dry forests.

Dr. Jonathan Schilling, who studies wood decomposition in boreal and tropical forests.

Dr. Stefan Schnitzer, who is our main liana man.

Dr. Cathy Hulshof, who recently joined the faculty at University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez!

Dr. David Medvigy and his graduate student Xiangtao Xu are collaborating with us, and using our empirical data to model TDF dynamics using the ecosystem simulation model ED2.

Geraldine Derroire, who is a PhD student at Bangor University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.  Geraldine uses plant trait-based approaches to study dry forest regeneration.

Dr. Juan Dupuy, who is a community ecologist at CICY.

Dr. Camila Pizano, a professor at ICESI, Cali, Colombia.

Dr. Beatriz Salgado, who works at the Humboldt Institute in Colombia.

Dr. Mike Kaspari, our go to man for all things myrmecological and periodic table-ical.





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