Dr. Jennifer Powers

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Current Students

Leland Werden

Leland is interested in restoration of tropical dry forests.  He is currently planning a number of experiments to design restoration treatments for degraded vertisols based on plant functional traits.  He also uses drones to study bears, restoration, and tree mortality.  Read more about Leland here.

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Christina Smith

Christina is studying the ecology and physiology of lianas in tropical forests.

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German Vargas

German is studying the physiological mechanisms through which trees respond to increased drought and nutrient availability.


Field Managers

Daniel Perez-Aviles

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Junior Scientists

Erick Calderon




Dr. Maga Gei

Maga worked on the factors that affect nitrogen fixation in tropical legume tree species. She currently is doing a postdoc in the lab, aimed at understanding biogeographical patterns of legume abundance in tropical forests.


Find out more about Maga and her work here.

Dr. Kara Allen

Kara received her PhD in Goettingen, Germany.  She has lots of experience working in Asian tropical forests.


Dr. Mark De Guzman

Mark just joined the lab after his PhD in plant physiological ecology from UC Riverside.



Dr. Bonnie Waring, postdoc 2013-216, currently Assistant Professor at Utah State

Kristen Becklund, PhD 2016

Justin Becknell, PhD 2012, currently a postdoc at Brown University 

Heather Whittington, PhD 2012

Maga Gei, PhD 2014

Dr. Joey Reid, postdoctoral associate 2014

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Erik Schilling

Erik worked on a project to disentangle the effects of site and litter quality on decomposition. He also analyzes soil texture by headlamp.


Lisa Rosenthal

Sebastian Zarges

Jon Bertram